Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to me, especially your privacy.

What data do I collect?

Basic website activity that is in no way linked back to you as a person. Clicks are not connected to a name or IP address.

If you decide to share your email address with me, this will be the only data I store that can potentially link back to you.

If you join my newsletter, I will be able to see your opens and clicks.

How do I collect this data?

The Mailchimp engine monitors website activity. Here is the global Mailchimp privacy policy.

Your email address can be submitted by you and you only.

Opens and clicks are collected through the emails I send. This data only relate to my emails and nothing else.

How will I use this data?

I will use your email address solely for the purpose of my newsletter. You will receive monthly emails with new releases, promotions, etc. This will be the only usage of your email address.

Your opens and clicks will only be used to see how my emails performed.

You can opt out of my newsletter at anytime.

How do I store your data?

Your email address will be stored in my Mailchimp instance.

Contact Me

If you have questions about your privacy, feel free to reach out at

I remain open to your concerns.

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